People around the world are in self-quarantine trying to save themselves from the deadly Coronavirus. And in the meanwhile, some men were spotted standing in a queue outside a liquor store maintaining one-metre distance from each other. As pictures and videos of the incident went viral, they were praised for maintaining social distancing. Their discipline even while buying alcohol is being praised widely on the internet. The men can be seen standing on the white markings ensuring there is enough gap between two people. Miami Spring Breakers Not to Heed Social Distancing Call, Beachside Party Goers Say 'If I Get Corona, I Get Corona' (Watch Video)

Facebook user Aravinda Ghosh K shared the video with the caption, "Most responsible drinkers on the earth are from Kerala, while maintaining a social distancing in the view of Corona, look at their commitment.." The video has been viewed nearly 1,90,000 views on the platform. A tonne of reactions have flooded the comments sections. One of the comments, "Coz they hail from most literate state in country." The video has been shared over 17,000 shares, 1,500 comments. A Twitter user wrote, "The way they maintain the discipline is worth a watch!! Break the chain." India in Stage 2 of Coronavirus Outbreak: This Should Be Your 'Social Distancing' Action Plan to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.

Men Maintain One-Metre Distance From Outside in Kerala:

The Kerala government has imposed restrictions including the closure of educational institutions and cinemas till  March 31st as new cases of COVID-19 cases were reported. However, permission was given to bars and liquor shops to remain open in several districts. The above video was shot at a store in Alathur in Palakkad district. The Kerala government has also asked people to maintain personal hygiene in the wake of the pandemic.

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