Stop Eating Dog Meat! Vietnam’s Capital City Hanoi Tells Its Residents
Dog (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Vietnam has urged its citizens to stop eating dog meat in an effort to protect the city's reputation. The Hanoi People's Committee said the practice could "negatively impact the image of a civilized and modern capital." The city's website published the message urging its people to stop consuming dog meat. It also tells people to stop having cat meat, which is less popular.

Suu also instructed local governments to raise awareness about the risk of rabies on consuming dog or cat meat. The move is a part of an effort to eradicate rabies in Vietnam by 2021. Vietnamese consume dog as it is believed that the meat increases stamina and the dish is considered a delicacy. UK Prime Minister Theresa May Under Pressure to Ban Killing of Dogs and Their Consumption

According to a report in Independent, Hanoi has a total of 4,93,000 dogs and cats of which 10 per cent are raised for commercial purposes, mostly meat. While people believe that cooking dog properly wipes off the risk of rabies. This year, three people died due to rabies and two others were infected as per official figures.

Vietnamese on social media welcomed the decision however the habit is a deep-rooted one which people cannot easily give up. However, a growing number of people are against the killing of dogs or cats for meat. Meanwhile, some said that banning the dish could amount to curtailing of their freedom and instead heavy taxes should be levied on it. Hanoi is quite known for their street food and receives tourists from across the world.