UK Prime Minister Theresa May Under Pressure to Ban Killing of Dogs and Their Consumption
Theresa May, street dog (Photo Credits: Getty Images, Pixabay)

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure from campaigners to ban the eating of dog meat in Britain. Killing dogs and their consumption have been met with massive criticisms in the past too. On social media and otherwise, animal rights activists have voiced their opinion against the practice. However, it continues to be followed widely across Europe also.

International canine welfare group, the World Dog Alliance (WDA) is launching a campaign in the country demanding a full ban on dog meat consumption later this year. WDA said that the habit of eating canines is being secretly spread from the Far East. Some senior US Congress MPs have supported a total ban on the import, trade and consumption of dog meat promoted by the WDA. Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan has also urged the Prime Minister to find a solution to the problem.

The Sun quoted the WDA as saying in a statement, "The UK is the first country in the world which enacts the Animal Welfare Act. It is unfortunate to see dog meat consumption being legal in this nation. The WDA believes a legal ban on eating dog meat would allow the UK to continue to have a global leading role in the field of animal protection, especially after UK leaves the EU." Dog, Cat, Other Carcass' Meat Making Way to Kolkata Eateries: Kingpin Biswanath Garai Arrested

They added saying, "Local citizens in the Western countries barely eat dog meat, but the WDA worries that dog meat consumption may be spread to the UK with immigration. In the US, people who eat dog meat are mainly immigrants from Asia." The WDA has also been urging Asian countries to ban dog meat consumption.

Around 30 million dogs are slaughtered every year for meat across China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Most of it is sold as street food. Earlier there were reports which suggested that many-a-times dog meat would be sold to tourists as poultry meat. And for the purpose, dogs are stolen from the street. The market for dog meat is increasing as it is considered a delicacy.