Sudan Health Minister Dozes Off, Snores During Interview on Live News Show on Coronavirus, Watch Video
Sudan health minister dozes off during live interview (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Khartoum, April 10:  A video going viral on social media shows the health minister of Sudan dozing off and snoring during a live interview with a news channel. Dr Akram Ali Al-Toam was caught on camera sleeping and snoring while he was being interviewed on the coronavirus outbreak. The video of the Sudanese health minister taking a nap and snoring during the live interview is going viral on social media. He later apologised. Coronavirus Live Tracker Map.

In the video, Dr Akram Ali Al-Toam is seen closing his eyes by bits even as the anchor continues to ask him questions about the coronavirus crisis in Sudan. The health minister quickly slips into sleep and starts snoring. Unaware of the situation, the interviewer proceeds to ask him questions. Upon hearing snoring, the anchor releases that Al-Toam has dozed off during the live show.

Sudan Health Minister Dozes Off, Snores During Live Interview:

The female host had to call his name several times before he could wake up and respond. As many questioned Al-Toam's dedication amid the coronavirus outbreak, he apologized and said that he fell asleep because he was too tired during the interview. Sudan has reported 10 coronavirus cases so far. The African country also saw two deaths and two recoveries.