Cab aggregator services like Ola and Uber may be of convenience for regular travellers but there have been quite a few incidences when they have goofed up, that too real bad. A Mumbai passenger had to experience something similar when his Uber driver started the trip but without picking him up! Preshit Deorukhkar had booked an Uber from Malad but surprisingly his driver did not conduct the pickup and started the trip. Plus, the driver's phone number was also unavailable to call and check up on him.

Preshit took to Twitter and gave details about the long journey that his Uber driver was on, and spun a mystery around this driver's journey which had everyone hooked. The driver's name was also just 'P' so there was something fishy with him. What's funny is he even got a bill request of Rs. 857 and the option to rate the trip.

Take a look at the Uber driver's joyride:

The joyride begins!

Aimless roaming around

What is 'P' up to?

His joyride also includes a jetty ride!

Meditation too?

Or is there a dead body? The suspense grows...

On the way back, he took a much longer route!

Seriously, what is P up to?

Some sinful act here!

Back to the Mangroves?

Kuch toh gadbad hai...

Are the cops involved?

Back in the city! 

Oh hey, here's the bill for the joyride!

The whole thing does look mysterious right? What was this weird name Uber driver up to and his journey route was also a little suspicious? After all of this suspense Uber only replied that his payment would be refunded in the next few days into his account. There was no apology or anything just that they have noted about the driver. Well, the mystery remains!

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