The last eclipse of the year, total solar eclipse of 2020 took place yesterday, December 14. The total solar eclipse, only one of this year was observed from parts of South America, Chile and Argentina. The sun turned dark under the shadow of the moon as people here watched it via their eclipse glasses. Those who have managed to capture the celestial activity on their cameras have shared the photos on social media. #SolarEclipse has been trending online as people shared pictures, be it from their online screens. If you have missed out watching this spectacle, make do with these pictures. Jupiter and Saturn to Reunite After 800 Years to Form Rare ’Christmas Star’ On December 21; Know All About The Once-in-a-Lifetime Celestial Event.

A total solar eclipse takes place when sun, moon and earth align in a straight line. So the moon blocks light from the sun from reaching the earth, making it look dark for a span of few minutes. At the maximum point of this eclipse, there appears a "ring of fire", one of the spectacular sights of sun's illuminating light at the background of moon's shadow. Some people managed to snap the partial eclipse phases and pictures of the same are shared online. One of the incredible pictures of solar eclipse remains the one which was taken last year, sighting both an eclipse and a hurricane in Pacific Ocean.

Check Pics of Solar Eclipse of December 2020:

Partial Eclipse From Uruguay

So Stunning!

The Eclipse Shadows


Pictures From Southern Hemisphere

In Progress

In Totality!

Some of the photos are really amazing and at the point of total solar eclipse it looks marvelous, even if it lasts just for a few minutes. If you are awaiting to watch it next, then you will have to wait 6 months more. The next solar eclipse will be on June 10, 2021. It will be an annular solar eclipse and will be visible from India as well.

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