Two Los Angeles Car Drivers Spent Hours Fighting for Parking Spot, Twitter Thread With Video of Their Petty Fight Goes Viral
Fight over car parking (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

When you own a car you also need to always consider the parking space for your vehicle. Finding a good parking spot can get stressful at times. A video from Los Angeles of two men fighting over a parking space shows how much of a trouble it can be. But clearly, the two men that were filmed here had too much time to go on fighting for almost two hours. A Twitter thread tracing the petty fight that was taking place in the  Koreatown neighbourhood of Los Angeles is going viral. Viral 'Middle-Finger Fight' of Two Guys From NYC Was Staged, Watch Funny Video.

Twitter user @Mrhflrs gave everyone a detail of two drivers who were trying to parallel park along a sidewalk. The fight over the parking spot began at 6.20 pm and went on till 8 pm. According to the first tweet, the silver car driver wasn't letting the black car park at the spot. The drivers waited in the middle of the street and even turned on their lights so the approaching cars would know. The two car drivers got into aggressive honking as well, the other cars passed by the narrow lane. Stranger Gifts Kid His Own Parking Spot for His Little Bike & Twitter Calls It ‘The Most Adorable Random Act of Kindness Ever’.

Watch Two Car Drivers Fighting Over Parking Spot For Hours:

As the user continued to give updates, she even asked her followers if they are Team Black car or Team Silver car. Although a new parking spot had cleared up across the street, the two drivers were adamant on getting the one they were fighting for. The fight went on and it caused more traffic for the oncoming vehicles to pass by. The fight between the two only resolved when the car parked next to the black car moved and made space for both the cars to be parked behind each other. The thread went on that none of the drivers had gotten out of their cars yet.

Twitter users were also entertained by this fight and thanked the user for showing them the journey throughout. All the videos were viewed close to a million times.