Viral 'Middle-Finger Fight' of Two Guys From NYC Was Staged, Watch Funny Video
Two men having middle finger fight (Photo credits: Video grab)

In the age of the internet, something getting viral is not too surprising. Every day we have some funny, quirky or extremely weird stuff being shared on social media which gets likes, views and shares, making it go viral in less time. A recent video that is loved by the internet is of two guys having a fight using only their middle finger. The video from New York City shows two guys furious at each other and utter no words but only show each other the middle finger. The fight goes on in the middle of the road and then across it as they continue giving each other the finger. The video is funny but it is revealed it was staged. Guy Gets Chased By Chicken At Work At Indiana University, Watch Hilarious Viral Video.

The guys are dramatic with showing their expressions and frustration at each other. The use no words or fists but let their finger do the talking! The video was shared on Instagram and Twitter and since then has garnered more than a million views. Because the two are in the middle of the road and continue carrying on with the fight, it does look natural but some people online did express that the video was staged. And well, the truth has been revealed. Seal Slaps Kayaker With an Octopus on His Face, Video Goes Viral! 

Check Out the Viral Video of Two Men Having the 'Middle-Finger Fight'

Guy Blelloch who shared the video agreed to a report that the video was not as natural as it looks like. The video was staged and he did it with his friends. Although he is not new to making such videos, this is the only video which has got such a huge response. Well, it is indeed funny and probably worked with the sentiments of young people who have related to the situation.