US Cops Use Suspect's Facebook Account After He Drops His Phone While Running Away; Asks Him to Contact Sheriff's Office
Shawn Anderson Hagan (Photo Credits: Berkeley County Sheriff's Office Facebook, Pixabay)

Shawn Anderson Hagan was getting away from getting caught by the police when he dropped his mobile phone on the way. And thanks to his bad luck, cops found it and infact the Sheriff's deputies in South Carolina, the United States went on to troll him. The police officers not only used the phone to track down the criminal but also were at their wit's best on social media.

Shawn tweeted from his account saying, "Hi Shawn, you lost your phone while running from the police. Contact Berkeley County Sheriff's Office if you want it back." The cops then shared a screenshot of it on Berkeley County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page saying, "Does anyone know Shawn Hagan? (Not asking for a friend) We would really like to return his phone. Next time, secure all valuables before running." Don't Drink and Drive! Mumbai Police Tweets a Creative Message With 'Johnnie Walked' Pic.

Here is the Facebook post:

As the post went viral on social media, internet users couldn't stop complimenting the cops. Shawn is currently facing charges for fleeing and drug charges. Cops also added #DontBeLikeShawn at the end of the post causing a laughter riot on social media.

The police officers also updated the comments section after arresting the 30-year-old. Along with sharing a picture of Shawn, they wrote, "Thanks to the many tips we received on Facebook, Berkeley County deputies were able to apprehend 30-year-old Shawn Anderson Hagan. Deputies were searching for Hagan after he fled yesterday. Today, Hagan fled from deputies again — but this time he was caught. Hagan will be facing charges for the initial fleeing as well as drug charges."