Don't Drink and Drive! Mumbai Police Tweets a Creative Message With 'Johnnie Walked' Pic
Mumbai Police's creative tweet on Don't Drink and Drive (Photo credits: Twitter)

Mumbai Police is best when it comes to giving out social messages to the people. Their social media account is sometimes the most entertaining because of the sheer way they use to put across a message. In tune with the latest happenings, events and pop culture references, the Mumbai Police gives messages in the best possible way. And with the New Year's Eve parties coming soon, it is best time to create awareness about drink and drive. To highlight the dangers of Drink and Drive, the Mumbai Police has put up a photograph of a very apt graffiti. Punning on the brand of Johnnie Walker whisky, the picture says 'if you drive, you don't drink,' along with a picture of the logo sitting on a wheelchair which reads Johnnie Walked. Chai Pe Lo Aunty Inspires Mumbai Police’s Tweet, ‘Hello Fraaands! Helmet Pehan Lo to Have a Safe-Tea at Home!’ 

The graffiti picture is very appropriate for giving the message of Don't Drink and Drive. The Mumbai Police has tweeted, Don’t let your wellness be a thing of past. A lot of people enjoy and be merry for the party season towards the end of the year. Christmas and New Year's Eve is a definite time when people are in high spirits and there's a possibility of accidents. ‘Ask Me a Question’ Instagram Meme Used Creatively by Mumbai Police to Alert Citizens Against Cyber Crimes. 

Check Out Mumbai Police's Tweet for Don't Drink and Drive

A simple picture conveys so much right? The Mumbai Police has always been creative in giving out such messages. They use their social media space to impart social awareness on different campaigns. This is once again a creative way of putting across the message just before the party season begins.