US Scientist Cristine Legare Hails Air India's All-Women Crew on Her New York to Delhi Flight; Tweet Goes Viral
Air India plane

Impressed by being flown by Air India's all-women crew from New York to Delhi, Dr Cristine Legare, a senior researcher and Cognitive scientist associated with the University of Texas in Austen took to Twitter lauding girl power. Legare tweeted saying, "Flew from NY to Delhi today on Air India with a female pilot and an all-female flight crew."

Her tweet further reads, "Turns out that India has the largest number of female pilots in the world. And yes, we arrived at our destination early after a smooth flight and perfect landing. Jai Hind!" INSV Tarini Crew Members Awarded Nav Sena Medal On Eve Of 72nd Independence Day

Here is the tweet:

She posted the tweet with the picture of two women pilots holding hands sitting in the cockpit. The tweet has garnered a lot of reaction on social media with more than 26,000 likes.

Here is how some reacted to the tweet:


We are surely going to have more women pilots

While most lauded the women pilots and Legare for posting the tweet, misogynistic people were soon to comment.

We sure did not ask for this

The intention of Legare's tweet was to make people realise that women can fly planes just like any other human being.

Meanwhile, somebody commented saying that it was a 737 cockpit and how it flew from NY to Delhi. Legare replied saying that she had used of Air India which was publicly available and said that she "wouldn't post unauthorized photos of cockpits without permission". According to data from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, India has the largest number of women pilots. However, only five per cent of the world's commercial airline pilots is women.