Woman Throws Coins Into Tianjin Airlines' Plane's Engine Praying for a Safe Flight, Gets Detained
Woman throws coins into plane's engine (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In yet another incident, an elderly woman threw coins into a plane's engine for good luck grounding it for several hours. There have been several incidents in the past when people have thrown coins into the plane's engine while boarding hoping for a safe flight. However, every time, the incident has only caused trouble to airport officials and passengers. The 66-year-old woman named Yang who caused delay to a Tianjin Airlines' plane was taken into custody at the Hohhot Baita International Airport in Inner Mongolia.

On being questioned, she agreed that she had been praying for a safe flight and tossed six coins into the jet engine. Reportedly, she threw the coins just before boarding the flight; it was later retrieved from the tarmac near the engine. She was to fly from Hohhot to Chifeng from a Tianjin Airlines flight. Woman Flashes Her Butt While Twerking Onboard a Spirit Airlines After Creating a Ruckus on Being Asked to Turn Off Her Phone (Watch Viral Video)

As the incident caused a two-hour delay, all 100 passengers on flight GS6681 departing for Chifeng city were shifted to a different aircraft. Tianjin Airlines said in a statement on Tuesday said that a crew member alerted the security at around 7:50 am after seeing the woman throwing coins. Thereafter staff was deployed to search the six 1 jiao coins. As per reports, the woman has been detained for 10 days and could face further punishment. Canadian Journalist Saves Teenage Girl From Harassment on Flight, Her Tweets Kickstart Discussion on How to Deal With Such Situations.

According to a professor at the Civil Aviation University of China, the engine could have been severely damaged had it go sucked into it. Later, Tianjin Airlines urged passengers to comply with civil aviation laws and regulations and avoid behaviour that could affect co-passengers and the whole unit. In March, two women were detained by Lucky Air in China for throwing coins at the flight they were boarding. In another incident in February, a Lucky Air had planned to sue a Chinese man who similarly threw coins into the engine of a plane while boarding. The airline said the incident caused them nearly 140,000 yuan (Rs 14,85,200).