World Chimpanzee Day is observed on July 14 every year to take actions that will protect chimpanzees. The day was found by primatologist Dr Jane Goodall on June 14, 1960. Videos and pictures of her in the wild with chimpanzees go viral on social media every now and then. As we observe World Chimpanzee Day 2020, we bring to you some of the cutest videos of chimps in the wild. Some of the clips show them goofing around with their parents just like humans do. Chimpanzees are known for being human kind's closest living creature and it is no surprise they act like us most of the times. And these videos will make you wonder if they are really humans after all! World Chimpanzee Day 2020: Here Are 10 Lesser-Known Facts About the Chimps, Human’s Closest Living Relatives From the Animal Kingdom.

The Jane Goodall Institute global network of chapters and Roots & Shoots Offices celebrates World Chimpanzee Day, along with many other NGOs and individuals around the globe. Meanwhile, we bring to you videos that show them doing everything from knuckle-walking on the forest floor to swinging from branches in the trees. Send these videos to your friends and family and make people aware of the need to protect chimpanzees and their habitat. Viral Video of Two Chimps Giving Bath to a Dog With Their 'Hooman' Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues.

Chimpanzees Avoiding Rain:

This video will make you laugh from start till the end. It shows a family of chimpanzees trying to avoid rainwater and walking quite discretely to ensure they don't get water.

Chimpanzees Playing With Water:

These chimpanzees are the funniest group ever! From the way they are sitting, eating to splashing water, these videos will make your wonder if they are human after all.

Chimp Asks For Water!

Chimps are quite smart and often surprises humans with their skills and learning abilities. This video shows a chimp asking a woman at a zoo for water and directing her on how to pour it out.

Funny Chimps Playing:

This video of a chimpanzee pulling another by its leg is extremely funny. While we are not sure what they are trying to do, it is hilarious to watch.

Chimpanzee Dancing:

This video of a chimpanzee dancing at a North Carolina zoo had gone viral earlier. It shows the animal grooving like it were a pro at dancing.

Various animal groups observe the day by holding events that promote the need to protect chimps. The day was created to empower communities to take action that will ensure the tribe is not harmed and actions are implemented for their protection.

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