Viral Video of Two Chimps Giving Bath to a Dog With Their 'Hooman' Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues
Man bathing with dog and chimps (Photo Credits: Video grab)

It is a Monday and most people would be readying themselves to work, school or college. Among all the days, a Monday always comes with its blues. Plus with the weather being dull with the monsoons, it is even more difficult to get out of bed. And like everyone else you too probably think "Do you really need the job/Do you really need to attend school or college?" Well, we get that. But what if your job involved just giving a bath to a fluffy dog? That'd be so much fun. A video of a man who probably works in an animal shelter has come up online, which shows him giving a good rub and bath to a dog. What's funnier is there are two mother chimps joining him to bathe the dog. The video is going viral online. This viral video will definitely leave you with a smile on your face. ‘Invisible Challenge’ Is the Latest Internet Craze to Prank Innocent Doggos, Watch Cute and Funny Dog Videos.

A video shared by KFC Radio on Twitter shows a man giving a bath to a dog with two chimps for company. And after the dog is done, the chimps and the man are seen cleaning themselves in the floatable pools. The chimps help the man too by rubbing some soap on his body. The video is not just funny but will definitely leave you with a smile. The caption of the post is also perfect. This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral, Watch Cute Clip.

Check The Viral Video Here:

Isn't it too cute? The video has got over 6.7 million views and about 2000 retweets. People too are very happy to see the video and they too want the job of the guy in the video. Check some of the reactions of people on Twitter.


Where do I apply?

Wholesome for sure

The video is sure so wholesome, especially when the chimps too help out the guy to wash. They all look so happy and it will definitely leave you with a smile. We hope your Monday blues are driven away as you watch this cute video. Happy Monday, folks!