R Ashwin’s Old Video Mankading Sri Lankan Batsman Goes Viral After Jos Buttler’s Controversial Dismissal in IPL 2019
Ravi Ashwin has previously tried mankading. (Photo Credits: @cricketcomau/Twitter)

Indian Premier League 2019 (IPL 2019) got its first controversy when Ravi Ashwin 'mankaded' Jos Buttler during the Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab match in Jaipur. Though Kings XI skipper Ashwin’s act was not against the rule, but many considered it against the ‘spirit of the game’. It was the first instance of 'mankading' in an IPL match. However, not the first time involving Ashwin and Buttler.  R Ashwin Run Out Jos Buttler Mankad-Style in IPL 2019, This is Second Time English Man Got Out In This Fashion; Watch Video.

Interestingly, both the players have been involved in 'mankading' act previously. And both incidents happened against Sri Lanka. In 2012, during a tri-series match between India and Sri Lanka in Australia, Ashwin 'mankaded' Lahiru Thirimanne.

However, Virender Sehwag, who was captaining the Indian team then, withdrew the appeal after consideration with the on-field umpires and then Thirimanne was allowed to continue the batting. What Is Mankading? All About The Mankad Way Of Dismissal That Was Used By R Ashwin to Run Out Jos Buttler In IPL 2019.

Here’s the video of Ravi Ashwin mankading Thirimanne.

In 2014, Buttler was at the receiving end of the 'mankading' probably for the first time against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake 'mankaded' Buttler during an ODI and that time too Buttler was given the marching orders. Ravichandran Ashwin Mankads Jos Buttler During RR vs KXIP, IPL 2019; Murali Karthik Gets Into a Verbal Spat With Kevin Pietersen & Micheal Vaughan.

Meanwhile, MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club), lawmakers of cricket issued a statement that mankading is not against the spirit of cricket and it is permitted to run out a non-striker who takes off early. Not just fans, but former cricketers have been divided on the ‘mankading’ issue and have been openly confronting each other on Twitter.