204/4 (20.0 ov)SCO
BER 158/8 (20.0 ov)
CRR: 7.9 | Scotland beat Bermuda by 46 runs

SCO beat BER by 46 runs | Bermuda vs Scotland, Highlights And Cricket Score 30th T20 Match

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019

Date: Oct 24, 2019 Start Time: 21:00 IST | 15:30 GMT | 19:30 Local
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Bermuda vs Scotland Highlights And Cricket Score 30th Match - T20 Summary

End of Over : 20.0 BER: 158/8

Right. So Scotland stay third in the points table. They have a few ifs and buts going their way but they need to win their final game against Netherlands first. That is on Saturday. Friday, 25th October, 2019, sees plenty of matches televised - PNG-Singapore at 10 am local (0600 GMT), followed by the Kenya-Namibia clash at 2.10 pm local (1000 GMT) - both in Dubai. Then in the evening, we witness the Canada-Oman encounter from Abu Dhabi, at 7.30 pm local (1530 GMT). Join us for all the action. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Scotland captain, Kyle Coetzer, says that cricket is not an exact science, so you do not always play the way you want to. Expects tougher teams to come in their way. Looks back at the loss to Singapore and praises them but eventually praises his own team for turning up tonight. Admits that the gap between the top and bottom teams is closing as they keep playing with sides who are improving continuously and rapidly. Praises his batsmen for piling on the runs in the game. On their final match against Netherlands, Coetzer is happy to take the batting confidence and also the spinners choking the opposition, which would be welcome in that game. Hopes to be on the better side of the net run rate. On them playing their first night match this tournament, Kyle says that this is much better than playing in the afternoon heat.

Bermuda skipper, Rodney Trott feels that Scotland played really well, appreciating the innings from Munsey and MacLeod. On Bermuda's takeaways from the tournament, Trott feels that his team played really well tonight and believes that they will take a lot of positives. Guarantees to come hard on Saturday as well and give their best. Is amazed to be broadcast on TV and thanks the fans for coming all the way from Bermuda to support them. Hopes to get a W in their final game.

CALUM MACLEOD IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH. On his blistering knock, MacLeod says that after the game against Namibia, he felt that he should start to score with more intent and it paid off here. On Munsey's knock, Calum says that the more Munsey played, the better MacLeod got in his innings. On getting 200 to defend, Calum says that once that score was reached, he felt it was enough as Scotland have plenty of decent bowlers. Hopes to win their next game against Netherlands as well.

A few hours ago, we witnessed a batting blitzkrieg from Scotland as George Munsey and Calum MacLeod demolished the Bermuda bowlers. The duo scored 125 runs combined in just 78 balls, with 12 fours and 5 sixes. Here is one of them, talking to Alan Wilkins.

Scotland did have plenty of cushion for the bowlers. But they could have done better. They started well, with Mark Watt and Safyaan Sharif taking the wickets but then, lost it in the middle overs. Hamza Tariq was excellent and it was his introduction which stabilized the proceedings. The Scots need to improve this particular area as their next game is against the Dutch who are way better than Bermuda.

Not enough firepower in Bermuda's batting. Delray Rawlins and Kamau Leverock showed glimpses of the talent in this team, perhaps something to look forward to, in the future but nothing much to chew from the others.

Excellent fightback by Bermuda. 205 is never a small total to chase but they fought hard, thanks to fine knocks from Rawlins and Leverock. This loss means that THEY CANNOT QUALIFY for the WT20 2020, but they can keep their heads high after this game.

19.6 0

Safyaan Sharif to Kamau Leverock. Outside off, Leverock swings but misses. SCOTLAND WIN BY 46 RUNS!

19.5 1

Safyaan Sharif to Sinclair Smith. Full and outside off, driven through mid on for a run.

19.4 1

Safyaan Sharif to Kamau Leverock. On middle, pushed down to long on for a single.

19.3 0

Safyaan Sharif to Kamau Leverock. Down the leg side, Kamau misses his flick and is hit on the pads.

19.2 6

Safyaan Sharif to Kamau Leverock. SIX! SPANKED! Goodness me, that is some power. Short and outside off, Leverock gets down and swings it miles over mid-wicket!

19.1 4

Safyaan Sharif to Kamau Leverock. FOUR! Full and around off, Leverock gets across to paddle and does so nicely, getting it over short fine leg.

End of Over : 19 7 Runs 20.0: 146/8
18.6 0

Alasdair Evans to Sinclair Smith. That is an excellent stop. Full and down the leg side, flicked through fine leg but short fine leg dives to his right to stop it.

18.5 1

Alasdair Evans to Kamau Leverock. Short again, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a run.

18.4 0

Alasdair Evans to Kamau Leverock. A slower bouncer, around middle, Kamau misses his pull.

18.3 2

Alasdair Evans to Kamau Leverock. Short in length, pulled wide of long on for a couple.

18.2 4

Alasdair Evans to Kamau Leverock. FOUR! That is so good. Full and outside off, Leverock changes stance, gets down on one knee and switch hits this over point! Good shot, good reward.

18.1 0

Alasdair Evans to Kamau Leverock. Backs away down the leg side and Evans fires a yorker around leg stump. Leverock just about manages to dug it out.

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