128/8 (20.0 ov)PNG
NED 134/3 (19.0 ov)
CRR: 7.05 | Netherlands beat Papua New Guinea by 7 wickets

NED beat PNG by 7 wickets | Netherlands vs Papua New Guinea, Highlights And Cricket Score Final T20 Match

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019

Date: Nov 02, 2019 Start Time: 21:00 IST | 15:30 GMT | 19:30 Local
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Netherlands vs Papua New Guinea Highlights And Cricket Score Final Match - T20 Summary

End of Over : 19.0 NED: 134/3

The Dutch team celebrates and that ends the T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019! Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Namibia, Scotland and Oman are the ones featuring in the 2020 T20 World Cup, along with the big guys. All the best to them. We take your leave, hoping to have your company for future events. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Netherlands skipper, Pieter Seelaar, says that he is very proud of his team. Adds that there were some questions raised about their chances but is happy to have won it outright, having shared the trophy with Ireland and Scotland in the earlier editions. Praises the experience of Cooper, Ackermann and ten Doeschate for seeing their team through. Is eager to go to Australia and believes that his team is well placed to do well over there. On Brandon Glover, Pieter says that the former impressed them in a club game back in Holland and to win the Man Of The Final award is impressive. Is looking forward to celebrate the win tonight and thanks the crowd for coming in large numbers to support. On PNG, Seelaar praises them, crediting them for stifling the batsmen, not giving easy runs away and showing the world that they belong.

Papua New Guinea captain, Assad Vala, accepts that it was not their day but believes that the team has done the country proved. Praises Ackermann and Cooper for showing them how to bat on this surface and hopes that his team can learn from them. Praises Damien Ravu for coming back strongly after being dropped midway in the tournament. On the learnings and the shortcomings, Vala is happy where the team is but wants his batsmen to work harder and get bigger scores.


NETHERLANDS' BRANDON GLOVER HAS BEEN NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH. Says that this win is incredible after seeing so many months of hard work. On his performance tonight, Glover says that one has to do his job and it was more about rhythm, coming in, running in and hitting the right areas consistently. Says that he is very much looking forward to playing in Australia.

Time for the final presentation of the tournament. The match referee and the umpires get their medallions.

Ryan ten Doeschate says that it was very tough in the middle. Says that he could have got out a couple of times, so 150 would have been very difficult. Says that they believed they could win the game, if they batted 20 overs, although, rues that final over which went for 22. Praises Papua New Guinea for not giving Netherlands any thing and says that it is always nice to beat that quirky team. On the tournament win, Ryan says that qualifying for the World Cup was a big thing but a win here is an icing on the cake. On the preparations for that tournament, Tendo says that he is not sure how Netherlands would go about things as a couple of young batters are coming up the ranks. Then says that there is still a year to go, so there is time to think about it.

Netherlands coach, Ryan Campbell, says that he is relieved with the win. Admits that there were plenty of issues internally but the group stuck together. Puts it down to the entire unit, with the seniors and the juniors gelling well. On the run chase, Campbell says that Netherlands' strength is to score 160 - Not 200, but 160 and for that, wickets in hand are needed and that is how the Dutch played. On the team selection, Ryan says that when he selected 5 fast bowlers for the Middle East, everyone questioned his selection but they did well. Now, he says, he might need 6 fast bowlers for Australia.

Time for a couple of quick chats.

As usual, Papua New Guinea bowled well. Ravu and Vala kept the pressure in the middle overs but towards the end, the others could not handle the pressure. One of the most consistent teams in this tournament, they have displayed their quality nicely.

A decent outing for the Dutch. The bowlers set it up, restricting PNG to 128, although 22 of those came in the final over. This tournament has shown us so many times that any total close to 130 or 140 can be defended. Netherlands did start off shakily, losing Visee early but Ben Cooper and later on, Colin Ackermann, ensured that there was no collapse. Towards the end, Ryan ten Doeschate's cameo helped.

The champions celebrate. Before the tournament, it was supposed to be one among Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands to win but while that did prove to be correct, no one expected Papua New Guinea to qualify for the T20 World Cup, let alone make it to the final. The group has a moment for themselves, patting each other before breaking off.

18.6 6

Nosaina Pokana to Ryan ten Doeschate. SIX! Finishing it off in style! A length ball, around off, ten Doeschate waits for the slower ball to arrive and swings it cleanly over mid-wicket! NETHERLANDS WIN BY 7 WICKETS!

18.5 1

Nosaina Pokana to Colin Ackermann. Around off, worked towards long on for a run to level the scores.

18.4 2

Nosaina Pokana to Colin Ackermann. Full and wide outside off, Ackermann slaps it towards cover and takes a single. The throw comes in to the stumps at the bowler's end and then deflects away towards long on. A second is taken.

18.3 1

Nosaina Pokana to Ryan ten Doeschate. Down the leg side, ten Doeschate misses his flick and the ball goes off his pads past the keeper. Doriga himself runs after it towards fine leg and keeps the batsmen to a single.

18.2 1

Nosaina Pokana to Colin Ackermann. A length ball, down the leg side, flicked towards square leg for a single.

18.2 wd

Nosaina Pokana to Colin Ackermann. WIDE. Full and down the leg side, flick shot missed.

18.1 2

Nosaina Pokana to Colin Ackermann. Full and outside off, driven through the covers for a couple.

End of Over : 18 9 Runs 19.0: 120/3
17.6 1

Norman Vanua to Colin Ackermann. Outside off, swung off the inner half through mid on for a run. 9 needed from 12 balls now.

17.5 1

Norman Vanua to Ryan ten Doeschate. Another full toss, Vanua losing his radar, Ryan pulls it through mid-wicket for a single.

17.4 4

Norman Vanua to Ryan ten Doeschate. FOUR! LOVELY! A full toss outside off and ten Doeschate is set enough now to make use of that, driving it through the covers.

17.3 1

Norman Vanua to Colin Ackermann. It's been driven superbly through the covers. One run added to the total.

17.2 1

Norman Vanua to Ryan ten Doeschate. Around off, pushed towards long on again, for a run.

17.1 1

Norman Vanua to Colin Ackermann. Full on middle, pushed towards long on for a single.


Netherlands and Papua New Guinea take on each other in the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 Final Match. Both the teams were in group A and made their way to finals after winning their respective semi-final clash.


While Netherlands defeated Ireland by 21 runs in the semi-final 1, PNG defeated Namibia in the semi-final 2 by 18 runs. Both Netherlands and PNG have qualified for ICC T20 World Cup 2020. Now, they fight for the final battle in ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019.


Netherlands: Max ODowd, Ben Cooper, Colin Ackermann, Pieter Seelaar(c), Ryan ten Doeschate, Roelof van der Merwe, Scott Edwards(w), Timm van der Gugten, Fred Klaassen, Brandon Glover, Paul van Meekeren, Shane Snater, Antonius Staal, Tobias Visee, Philippe Boissevain.


Papua New Guinea: Tony Ura, Assad Vala(c), Lega Siaka, Charles Amini, Sese Bau, Kiplin Doriga(w), Norman Vanua, Riley Hekure, Jason Kila, Damien Ravu, Nosaina Pokana, John Reva, Chad Soper, Hiri Hiri, Simon Atai.


ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 - News

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