PAK beat ZIM by 9 wickets | Zimbabwe vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 3rd ODI Match

Pakistan in Zimbabwe, 5 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Jul 18, 2018 Start Time: 12:45 IST | 07:15 GMT | 09:15 Local
Venue: Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo
67/10 Overs: 25.1
69/1 Overs: 9.5
Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score - 3rd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 9.5 PAK: 69/1

We didn't expect that it will be such an easy walk in the park for Pakistan but Zimbabwe are so much morally-deflated due to their poor form that this was on the cards. The series is already gone for the home side but there is something called as pride. To uphold that, they will need to play out of their skins against a team which is in its elements. Join us for the 4th ODI in Bulawayo at 0915 Local (0715 GMT) to catch all the action. Till then, cheers!

9.5 4

FOUR! And that's the game! Fakhar Zaman finishes things off with a superb boundary. Flicks the ball firmly through the mid-wicket region to send it across the fence for a boundary. A crushing victory, PAKISTAN WIN BY 9 WICKETS, WITH 241 BALLS TO SPARE!

9.4 4

Misfield and FOUR! Should have been two, but Blessing gifts a couple more. Short ball, Zaman pulls it through mid-wicket. Muzarabani out in the deep moves to his right, gets low to stop it but lets it through him for a boundary.

9.3 4

FOUR! Back of a length on off, Fakhar Zaman swings across the line and pulls it from the inner half through backward square leg. Boundary.

9.2 1

Slaps the cut behind point, towards third man and jogs to the other end to complete a single.

9.1 0

Thrown out wide outside off, Azam attempts to reach out for it but misses.

End of Over : 9 17 Runs PAK: 56/1
8.6 0

Fuller in length on off, a positive punch to covers, but it's straight to the fielder. Just 12 needed for Pakistan to win this game and the series.

8.6 1

Wide! Blessing hurls it fine down the leg side, the umpire signals wide.

8.5 4

FOUR! Zaman wants to waste no time in putting this game to bed. Finds the boundary line for the fourth time in this over. Back of a length outside off, he stands tall this time and cracks it through point on this occasion.

8.4 4

FOUR! Third of the over. A little too full on off, angling away, Zaman is loving this. He plants his front foot forward and drills it straight back down the ground.

8.3 0

Fullish length delivery outside off, played to covers for nothing.

8.2 4

FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Zaman! Has room offered to him outside off, he stands tall and goes up and over point. Third man tried cutting it off but failed in his attempt to do so.

8.1 4

FOUR! A little bit of width and that's all Zaman needs to put it away. On a length, outside off, the left-hander smashes it through the gap in the covers, leaving the fielders with no chance to stop it.

End of Over : 8 2 Runs PAK: 39/1
7.6 0

Short and wide, it's smacked right off the middle, but straight to the cover fielder.

7.6 1

Wide! Back of a length down the leg side, wide signalled. Which is a bit strange given there was some noise as the ball went past Babar on his attempted flick shot. Not sure what happened there.

7.5 0

Offers a firm punch from the back foot to the man positioned at mid off.