Diego Maradona Death Hoax: WhatsApp Voice Message Saying Argentina Football Legend Dies of Cardiac Arrest is Fake!
Maradona (Photo credits: Twitter)

The latest victim of death hoax is none other than the Argentina legend, Diego Maradona. There was a WhatsApp recording floating on social media from a man with an Argentine accent which said that the 57-year-old star had been hospitalised and had died of cardiac arrest, as per a report on IOL. His fans were no doubt worried especially are the health scare that started post-Argentina's World Cup match against Nigeria.

However, the Maradona's death news is a hoax, and he is doing fine. According to reports, the legend has also offered $10,000 reward to identify the source of the recording that said he died after the match. The football legend has denied reports which stated that he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Lawyer Matias Morla as quoted in an Argentine daily newspaper, Clarin said, "The doctors told him to rest, not to stay for the second half of the Argentina-Nigeria match, but asking that of Maradona is like asking a son not to love his mother. For Diego, the team is Dona Tota (his mother), and he will never let her on her own." On receiving news that Maradona has died, his family members got extremely worried and more so when they were not able to communicate with either him or his brother.

Maradona admitted binging on white wine before being helped away from his VIP box. He became the centre of attraction and courted controversy after he flashed his middle finger celebrating Argentina's second and deciding goal against Nigeria, which helped the South American team to qualify for the last 16 stage.

The 57-year-old, who has been struggling with health issues for some time now, he "collapsed" in the sitting area in St Petersburg Stadium. Post the match; he had to be attended by paramedics. Due to the health scare, Maradona took to Facebook to inform his fans that he is doing fine. He was quoted as saying, "I'm perfect. I've never been better."

Fans therefore don't fall prey to such hoax which is going around. Sit back and relax, Maradona is doing perfectly fine.