According to a report, many entrepreneurs start something of their own to gain freedom and follow their passion. Establishing a business means that there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as business growth. To do so, there are a plethora of methods, including researching, building a sales funnel, and much more. With evolution, digitalization has incorporated itself into every aspect, which includes business too.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has become one of the essential platforms for communication. According to research by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is used by 50 Million Businesses worldwide, of which 15 Million are Indian Businesses. Due to the increased demand, multiple companies have been launching their WhatsApp business API tolls, one of which is Chati.Chat, a Crunchy Media Pvt Ltd's product.

Jitendra Kumar Samal and Satya Prakash Swain founded Crunchy Media, which has been advancing the digital sphere since the beginning. The company's founders have approximately 20 years of business experience and have incorporated the greatest technology into every assistance they offer. Their services include SMS, social media marketing services and whatnot.

In August 2022, they introduced Chati.Chat is a technology to improve the quality of international communications. Business owners can utilize WhatsApp with several users at once thanks to this Omni channel platform. Additionally, it makes it simple for them to widely personalize interactions with clients. One can rapidly and efficiently send customized messages to their target audiences using Chati.Chat. By providing every customer with a smooth experience, the new eCommerce powerhouse aids in growing sales.

Unfortunately, things were not always easy for the team Crunchy Media. In the initial days of their business, one of the co-founders became unwell and needed numerous treatments to recover. But due to the firm will that both the founder had, they kept hustling.

They managed their whole work while simultaneously visiting hospitals and learning about the market. Ultimately, all of their hardships were worthwhile, and their clientele valued their efforts. One of the leading causes of their clients sticking with them from the beginning is because they value each and every one of them. Their attention to detail, top-notch technical skills and customer service are what make them one of a kind.

Team Chati. Over the years, chat has gained a lot of knowledge about the telecom and digital marketing industries. As a result, they are now striving to offer the greatest possible client experience and support their revenue growth through the WhatsApp API.

The professionals at Chati. Chat assists owners in boosting engagement, sending media-rich messages, and improving overall brand image, all of which benefit them when it comes to forming connections with people across the world. The application quickly attracted a large number of users after its release. They hope to enhance their services in the near future and intend to research different technologies and platforms. Additionally, they envision broadening their horizons in foreign nations during the next five years, including UAE and Brazil.