Selena Gomez suggests her fans to condition her hair every day. Doesn’t after if they shampoo every day, she said the secret to her luscious hair is a conditioner, daily. But don’t think about doing it after a nuclear explosion. Scientists and researchers have found conditioning your hair right after an explosion could be harmful beyond your imagination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated washing your hair with conditioner after a nuclear blast is a big NO-NO! You can use shampoo but save your ends by not using a conditioner this time! 73 Years of Nagasaki Bombing: Know Everything About the Historic Atomic Attack With These Facts and Video.

Hair conditioner might be your best friend, but, in case of any nuclear explosion, say goodbye as soon as you can. Hair conditioner can act as a glue in the radioactive particles and your hair if used after a nuclear explosion. Last year, the USA and Russia both pulled out of their 31-year-old treaty that demanded the cold war between the two nations to end. Both the parties believed the other one was not keeping their promise and decided to end it finally. Trust issues, am I right? The first order in case of a nuclear explosion is to avoid conditioning your hair after any potential nuclear attacks. Summer 2019 Hair Care Tips: Ways to Maintain Healthy, Lustrous Hair in Summer Heat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given the green light for using shampoos. In fact, it is encouraged to use shampoo as it helps rinse away the toxins from your hair after the catastrophic explosions. But conditioner, however, is not recommended. Stay away from it as long as you can to protect yourself and your hair. But we wonder who has the time to wash AND condition their hair in such a critical situation? Nonetheless, stay away from the conditioner bottle.

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