Congress leader Salman Khurshid in a statement said that biggest problem of Congress is that leader (Rahul Gandhi) has ‘walked away’. On his comments, senior Congress leader said, “I have very deep pain and concern about where we are today as a party. No matter what happens we won't leave the party, we aren't like those who got everything from the party and when the chips were down, things were difficult they left the party and walked away. Of course, we are in a difficult situation and it needs to be tackled with a sense of urgency.” He further said, “We need to know why we are in the state in which we are. Unfortunately, despite our earnest pleading, Rahul Gandhi decided to step down and resign from the president’s post. We wanted him to continue, but it was his decision and we respect it.” He added, “This is perhaps the only time in history that a major defeat has not caused the party to lose confidence in their leader. If he had stayed and was around, we would've understood better the causes of our defeat and be better prepared to fight the battles in coming times.”