Kunduz, November 17:  The Afghan Taliban have reportedly arrested a man for selling at least 130 women after luring them into promises of marrying into money. "The man has been arrested from northern Jawzian province by the Taliban provincial police," said Damullah Seraj, the Taliban provincial police chief. Police officials revealed that the man would target poor families, who would be desperate to enhance their living conditions and circumstances.

The man would promise the families that he would find them a rich husband, he would smartly move them to different provinces and would later sell them into servitude. As per reports, the man has already trafficked at least 130 women, selling them for money. The matter adds on to the existing dire situation of Afghanistan, which is not new to war, crime, discrimination, corruption and illegal means of human trafficking. Taliban Bars Women from Operating as Aid Workers in Afghanistan, Says Human Rights Watch.

The current case has also added rising poverty issues, which is making such desperate poor families highly vulnerable to become victims of such inhumane actions. Taliban's interim interior ministry recently arrested at least 60, including employees of the passport office for forging documents to obtain passports. Afghanistan has in the past been known to be a hub of human trafficking as its porus borders open many gateways for illegal human trafficking. Taliban Isolated, Silenced Female Population in Afghanistan and Left Them Unprotected, Says Expert.

Taliban government, since taking over control of Afghanistan, have been struggling in handling and managing ongoing terror attacks, increasing poverty and increase in spate of crimes such as robberies and kidnappings in major cities.

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