Donald Trump ‘Baby Balloon’ Takes flight During Protests in London Over US President’s UK Visit
'Baby Trump' balloon takes flight over UK parliament. (Photo Credits: Yui Mok/Twitter)

Long-awaited to take flight over the Parliament Square in UK, the giant balloon of ‘Trump Baby’ in a diaper has finally taken off over Britain’s House of Parliament, kicking off widespread protests today against the US president’s controversial visit to the UK. The giant orange-hued balloon of President Trump depicted as a pouting baby in a diaper and holding a smartphone took flight at about 9:30 am as dozens of protestors cheered. Dozens of excited people gathered around the 19-foot balloon and counted down from 10 before it was released into the air.

Blimp organiser Leo Murray told CNN, the giant balloon had been designed to speak to Trump in a language that he understands which is ‘personal insults’. “This is a victory. People love it, he hates it and it’s driven him out of London,” Murray added. Murray and other activists have called the baby Trump balloon a ‘symbol of resistance’ aimed at sending Mr. Trump a clear message that he is not welcome in Britain. “He mocks and insults anyone who doesn’t support him, so now he can see what it feels like,” said Adam Cottrell, one of the activists behind the balloon protest, as reported in New York Times.

Organiser Murray also explained that while some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of ridiculing the US President, he feels that Trump’s policies have created such an atmosphere. As reported by CNN, Murray said, “I feel like once we got to the point where we have a head of state who is suspending due process for some of the world’s most vulnerable people and snatching babies from their parents at the border and locking them in cages – at that point I don’t think we need to be civil to this man.”

The giant baby balloon received a go ahead from London’s mayor Sadiq Khan earlier this month. He approved the request after more than 10,000 people signed an online petition. The mayor has always been outspoken in his opposition to Trump’s visit. He even criticised Trump over his tweets following the terror attacks in London last year.

Trump’s schedule has been carefully designed to avoid planned protests, but it is understood he is familiar with the ‘Trump Baby’. Instead of holding his meetings in London, Trump will hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa may at her country retreat outside the city and take tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle, on London’s western outskirts.