Furious Mob Butchered Nearly 300 Crocodiles in Indonesia to Avenge Local's Death
Crocodiles | Representational Picture | (Photo Credit: IANS)

Jakarta, July 16: A furious mob went on a killing spree at a crocodile farm and butchered nearly 300 reptiles to avenge the death of a local who was killed by one of the crocodiles. The revenge killing took place in Indonesia's Papua province on Saturday.

48-year-old Sugito fell into an enclosure at the crocodile farm while looking for grass to feed his livestock. He died after being bitten and fatally struck a tail of one of the crocodiles. After Sugito's funeral, his relatives and residents went to the local police station and asked to shift the farm from residential area.

Authorities to pacify the mob by saying, locals, that the farm had agreed to pay compensation. However, the crowd remained unsatisfied. Armed with knives, machetes and shovels, they stormed into the farm and killed some 292 crocodiles, from four-inch-long babies to two-metre adults.

Outnumbered police and conservation agency officials said they were unable to stop the revenge attack, reported news agency AFP. "For now we are still questioning the witnesses," said Dewa Made Sidan Sutrahna, the police chief in Papua's Sorong district, was quoted as saying.