Imran Khan Goofs Up During UNGA Speech, Netizens Troll Pakistan PM on Twitter For 'President' Modi, 'Check on Google' Remarks and Exceeding Time Limit
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

New York, September 27: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan became the subject of funny memes and was ridiculed by Twitter for exceeding the time-limit in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Not just that, the Pakistan Prime Minister also goofed up while mentioning India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and instead called him President Narendra Modi. Khan was trolled for his comments with many passing hilarious remarks. Imran Khan Makes Provocative Speech At UNGA, Says 'There Will Be Bloodbath in Kashmir After Narendra Modi Government Lifts Curfew'.

Imran Khan, while talking about various aspects in his UNGA speech, also said on occasions to the Assembly that they can "google" what he was saying. This sparked a memefest of its own. Donald Trump and Imran Khan Are Most Searched on Google During UNGA 2019, Indian PM Narendra Modi on 5th Position Among World Leaders.

"Google Karke Dekh Lo" Getting Trolled by Pakistani Media 

Imran Khan Exceeded Time-Limit

Imran's Threatening Tone Condemned

"Trees Killed" in Balakot

Old Memes in New Ways 

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), raised the issue of Islamophobia and Kashmir at the international forum. Muslim women have been asked to take off their Hijab in other countries. A woman can take off her clothes in other countries but cannot put on Hijab. Why? Because certain leaders have equated Islam with terrorism." His speech was also lauded by many on the social media and Twitter.