Indonesia Tsunami Video: Waves Crash Concert of Local Band Seventeen, 2 Members Dead; Watch Shocking Clip From Banten!
Tsunami waves crash concert in Indonesia (Photo credits: YouTube video)

Indonesian lands are once again devastated as volcanic eruptions caused tsunami waves in some of the areas on Saturday night. The coastal area around Sunda Strait has been most affected by the calamity. About 168 people are reported dead and over 600 injured as per the reports. The tsunami without any warning signs has resulted in too much damage and many are feared missing. Dramatic footage of the incident has surfaced online which shows the tsunami waves hitting a rock concert, washing away the band members along with the audiences. A local band named Seventeen was performing at the Tanjung Lesung beach in Banten. All was going well until a sudden wave swept them all. The band's bass player and manager are dead. Three other members are missing. Tsunami in Indonesia Triggered by Volcano Activity Strikes Sunda Region; Kills at Least 168, Over 600 Injured. 

It was a year-ending event of PLN company where the band was performing. About 250 employees were in the attendants of the event. As per the company spokesperson, about seven people were killed, and 89 are missing. The band members' statement read, "The water washed away the stage which was located very close to the sea. The water rose and dragged away everyone at the location. We have lost loved ones, including our bassist and manager...and others are missing." Earthquake of 7.5 Magnitude Hits Indonesia.

Watch Shocking Video of Tsunami Waves Crash While The Indonesian Band '17' Was Performing

Wife of one of the band performers is also reported missing. The residents around the coastal areas reported that they did not see any warning signs or earthquake tremors in the area. About 2-metre high waves swept in the area, causing immense damage. The authorities have now warned the people in the coastal areas to remain away from the beaches and a high-tide warning is given till December 25.

Tourists have also been warned to stay away from the beach areas. About 100s of houses including many hotel properties have swept away in the tsunamis. There are debris and fallen trees on the roads. Indonesia saw another tragedy in the month of September when a quake-tsunami hit on Sulawesi Island. A 7.5- magnitude earthquake was reported which triggered a tsunami killing about 384 people.