Mumbai, September 22: The Philippines said it would take strict measures against a security screening officer at Manila airport after video footage captured the officer allegedly swallowing $300 in currency believed to have been taken from a departing Chinese passenger. This incident has raised concerns about the government's endeavours to attract foreign investors for the revitalisation of the nation's primary airport.

On September 8, a supervisor filed a report indicating that a traveller had misplaced $300 at Terminal 1 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In response, the Office of Transportation Security initiated an inquiry involving all personnel and a thorough review of the facility's surveillance footage. However, the passenger realised that his wallet was open and that money was missing from it. Subsequently, he confronted officials in the screening area. Philippines: Religious Cult Promoting Doomsday Ideology Accused of Child Sex Abuse, Forced Marriages of Minors; Harrowing Details Emerge.

The CCTV footage revealed the security screener placing the money into her mouth and subsequently concealing it with a handkerchief, apparently in an attempt to hide the evidence. It was reported that she extracted the money from the visitor's hand-carried bag while the flyer was undergoing an X-ray scan. Authorities have confirmed that four screening officers, including the female officer in question, have been suspended from their duties while the investigation into the case remains ongoing. Philippines Plane Crash: Indian Student Pilot, Trainer Dead After Cessna Aircraft Crashes in Apayao.

In another incident, a 57-year-old passenger had to undergo amputation of her leg after it got stuck in the walkway at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport in Thailand. The unfortunate incident occurred in Terminal 2 of the airport when the woman was about to board a morning flight bound for the southern Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Tragically, her leg got trapped by a moving walkway, leading to severe injuries that necessitated the amputation.

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