Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) [India], June 11 (ANI): Four children and a few labourers were rescued by a team of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) after the water level in the Sunar River rose due to which people were stranded on the other side of the river.

The SDRF team carried out the operation on Thursday as some labourers were stuck on an under-construction bridge trying to cross the river. With the help of ropes tied across the bridge, the labourers crossed the passage by walking on them.

Meanwhile, four children were also brought safely to the other side by the SDRF team.

"Four children were stranded on the other side of the river after the water level rose in the river. They had crossed the river at 9 am and by 10 am, the water level rose. They were safely rescued by the SDRF team. Few labourers were also stuck on an under-constructed bridge. The team rescued all of them safely," said Vikram Singh Kushwaha, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Sagar. (ANI)

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