New Delhi, Jun 10 (PTI) The draft of Delhi Master Plan for 2041 proposes that Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) may set up a state of the art Delhi Disaster Response Force (DDRF) for effective response at the time of a disaster or an unpredictable event.

The draft master plan, which has been placed in the public domain to invite objections and suggestions from people, will facilitate Delhi's development by assessing the present condition and guiding how to achieve the desired development over the next 20 years. It has been prepared by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

The plan also suggests that a disaster response protocol shall be developed for Delhi, outlining the procedure to be followed for different types of disasters.

"All service providing agencies shall develop emergency response plans and guidelines to ensure that there is minimal impact on delivery of these essential services during times of disaster.

“Dedicated evacuation spaces and refuge spots for residents shall be designated in all localities, especially in dense areas," it says.

The draft also states that evacuation spaces be open to sky areas where people can gather at the time of an event such as fire, earthquake etc. These can be parks, multi-purpose grounds, other open spaces etc.

Refuge spots can be any internal spaces identified by RWAs/local bodies to provide alternate locations for unhealthy/unwell residents at the time of contagious disease outbreaks. Such spots should be publicly accessible facilities, it adds.

It also says that the DDMA shall also develop a post-disaster rehabilitation strategy.

"All departments of GNCTD, local bodies and DDA shall develop a system for regular assessment of disaster risk for Delhi," the plan adds.

While further laying down the role for the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), it says that it may set up a state of the art ICT-enabled Delhi Disaster Response Force (DDRF) for effective response at the time of a disaster or an unpredictable event.

"This force can be supported by government departments and agencies as well as hospitals, etc," the draft says.

This force shall carry out regular risk assessment exercises, receive and transmit early warning signals, converge all necessary protocols to be followed at the time of occurrence and activate all response systems.

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