New Delhi, Jun 10 (PTI) The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Thursday said it will immerse the unclaimed ashes of 500 Covid victims who were cremated at Delhi's Nigambodh Ghat in the Ganga river in Haridwar on June 11.

IYC president Srinivas BV took Twitter to share photos and a video of workers of the Congress party's youth wing preparing earthen pots containing the ashes for immersion.

The IYC has taken the initiative to immerse the ashes of 500 bodies that were left at Nigambodh Ghat and could not be immersed by their families due to Covid, he said.

"#SOSIYC team will be immersing the ashes of 500 COVID dead bodies cremated at Nigam Bodh Ghat, Delhi following all the Hindu rituals in Haridwar tomorrow," he said.

Delhi is reeling from a second wave of the pandemic that has claimed many lives. Crematoriums were overwhelmed and had to operate round the clock to cope with the large number of bodies coming in.

In April, when the pandemic was at its peak, photos of mass funerals at Delhi crematoriums, with pyres lit not far from each other due to a space crunch, had gone viral.

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