Honolulu, September 30: Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is erupting.

Officials with the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed Wednesday that an eruption has begun in Kilauea's Halemaumau crater at the volcano's summit.

The eruption is not in an area with homes and is entirely contained within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The volcano's alert level has been raised to “warning” and the aviation code changed to red. Also Read | Tunisia Names First Female Prime Minister Raoudha Boudent Ramadhane, Amid Turmoil.

Officials said earlier Wednesday that increased earthquake activity and ground swelling had been detected, and at that time raised the alert levels accordingly. Also Read | Ties Between Taliban, Pakistan Will Be Not Easy as Hoped in Islamabad: Expert.

Kilauea had a major eruption in 2018 that destroyed scores of homes and displaced thousands of residents.

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