Dubai based app development company boostmysites has been named the best app developer in the region for the year 2020. The company which recently announced the plans for their expansion from their current markets, has seen exponential growth on their home ground.

The company specialises in app development, which they call a ‘necessity’ for businesses in this time and age, which the ongoing pandemic has only proven, with most businesses shifting completely online. They’ve been working mainly for Indian markets and recently released information on their planned global expansion in June, raising almost 10 million dollars through angel investors. Just as they set in for a major change, the company is was recently named as the best app developer to come out of the Middle Eastern region in terms of output, creating more than [app amount] apps in their relatively brief run, with over [app amount] apps seeing major popularity in both play store and App Store. The company attributes their success to their incredible network, which houses more than 1000 app developers from different parts of the world.

The company's mission when asked is to serve around 1 Million plus entrepreneurs, right from newbies to the existing giants, by the end of the year 2020. Boostmysites belives in achieving this target by the sheer efforts of its team. The Team believes to stand as the App Development Mafia who will leave no stone unturned in serving the best services to its clients. When asked whether they are surprised by this exponential growth that their company is experiencing , they answered with a subtle No & stated that they were anticipating this success. Boostmysites has entered the market & put on a dominating show for their competitors. When asked whether they are operating with a chip on their shoulder concious about their competitors, their reply rather seemed stunning. Quoting the CEO xyz , " We are not here to compete. Rather we believe that the reason for our success is as we are Customer oriented, and not Competition oriented"

This stunning reply coming from the top clearly states that Boostmysites is although ignoring their Competition, but not ignorant of them. The Team stands for knowing what value they bring to the table.

When asked about their vision, they see a future dominating the prominent hubspots of entrepreneurs, just like the Silicon Vallye; run & made a difference by Boostmysites.

Their current success is based on the foundation of the whole idea of selling an experience, and not a service.