New Uber Tool to Help Mumbai Police & Public With Real Time Traffic Data
Uber Traffic management tool (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Uber recently launched a new free urban planning tool called, 'Movement in Mumbai' which will help Mumbai traffic police to track the real time congestion as well as vehicular speed. This new tool will also provide data to the Mumbai traffic police over the past few years. The data provided by the Uber tool reveals that the speed of vehicles between Bandra and Dahisar on the Western Express Highway had reduced to 11kmph from the average speed of over 30 kmph.

He further mentioned that, "Mumbai traffic police will use zone-wise data of vehicular speed and congestion, we will try to improve, relocate traffic police resources and suggest infrastructure changes to ensure congestion is reduced during peak hours."

However, traffic police already have their own data which is gathered based on CCTV cameras at the junctions and roads for capturing the number of cars and heavy vehicles on arterial roads as well as other methods. He further mentioned that, "Data provided by Uber is aggregated and will be an additional tool for traffic police to deal with congestion."

This new tool from Uber will play a vital role in providing the police with real time information on congestion trends, and will also help in measuring the impact of flyovers, closed roads, traffic involvements and other impacts.

Moreover, this data will also be available for public confirmed Prabhjeet Singh, Uber regional general manager. He said that, "We are sharing it with Mumbaikars and encouraging them to utilise data to better infrastructure, city planning and invest in future solutions to make the city more efficient."