Tata E-Vision Concept Sedan Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show, All You Need to Know about the New All-Electric Car
The Unveiling of the Tata E-Vision Concept At The Geneva 2018 Motor Show (Photo Credit: @ajithpoojarym)

At the Auto Expo 2018, Tata Motors grabbed eyeballs by unveiling its Impact 2.0 design with the H5X and 45X concepts. Tata has now surprised everybody with its all-electric E-Vision sedan concept which it launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. This attempt by the Indian auto company comes in the wake of Tata Motors celebrating its 20th consecutive year of participation at the Geneva motor show by unveiling the all-electric EVision Sedan Concept.

According to reports, the Tata E-vision is based on an EV derivative which is also the platform that Tata's Omega comes built on. Autocar mentions that the expectations were that the vehicle will be built on the Alfa platform also known as AMP. The Alfa platform is expected to underpin the future hatchbacks, sedan and mini SUV concepts from Tata. At this point, the Sedan concept of the EVision is at experimental stage and the motive of the company seems to be testing the Omega platform as to whether the Omega will be able to support and function electric vehicles as well.

Earlier, Tata Motors CEO and MD Guenter Butschek had said that meeting the government's vision of 100 percent electrification of public transport and 40 percent of personal mobility by 2030 is a 'huge challenge' that will require a single-minded focus. Government incentives must be directed towards full electric vehicles (EVs) only, as the industry would have to develop other technologies such as hybrids in order to meet regulatory requirements going ahead, he said. "It is huge challenge, I think from a vision point of view, from an aspiration point of view, it is a good timeline but in order to get even close to it, we need to draft and translate it in to a policy," he had added talking about the need of a concrete policy on electric vehicles.

In the last three concepts that Tata has unveiled at the Auto Expo and now at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, there is lot to look ahead to. The H5X, the 45X and the E-Vision are really interesting concepts, and if the actual cars after production turns out to be as interesting, Tata is set to make waves in the electric cars category.