Web developers are not hard to find these days. Then what is so special about this young rising entrepreneur who is just 20 years old? Indrakant Kumar has a lot to offer than what he appears to be. Born to Mr Arvind Kumar in early 2000’s, 4th May to be exact, Indrakant Kumar grew up smart. His skills and intellectual development in the online world kept growing until he had chalked out a path for himself. This path was the ultimate road to success, in fact it all the things that he had ever wanted. Our goals and dreams are one thing that we must always work hard for, keeping in mind our failures too. Once we are wrong, we know what to do right.

I think this is why Indrakant Kumar has spent a very long period of time just practicing and enhancing his skills in web development, web designing and business organising.

Mr Kumar completed his first set of education in his hometown, which is Muzaffarpur. After this, he did not waste any time in aimless leisure. The basic idea was to receive the required education and complete the courses which help him grow as person and also as a growing entrepreneur. Now he has gained enough to run his own IT Start up Company right from Delhi itself. After all, he pursued his higher degree courses from there. However, he is not alone in this. He has managed to gather a very educated and reliable team, a group of 25 staff members that help him along with the orders and work. They are very goal driven and creative too, personally handpicked by Indrakant Kumar himself. At the moment he is known to have worked with a lot of people, including 100+ work websites. This obviously has a wide range of people in it, including individuals, private and government organisations, agencies, etc.

Creativity and innovation are the number one key factors to be a successful web designer. Developing takes a huge part of the programming language. And discipline is the way to make oneself more focused and concentrated on the actual goals in life. Guess who has successfully mastered all the above skills? Indrakant Kumar. Client satisfaction and consumer demands fulfilment is also the major focus for both Mr Kumar and his working team members. With this pace he will soon be able to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a billion dollar worth Company. For now his net worth is bound to rise three fold this year! The company name as disclosed by Indrakant Kumar is STG Media (News/ IT Company).

This self built entrepreneur, Indrakant Kumar, is not just an employee or a normal consultant. He has a company, and continues to guide all those who work alongside him. He plays a lot of roles at once. A huge web developer in making, indeed.