Aamir Khan is Super Excited To Watch This Upcoming Marathi Film-Find Out The Name Inside!
Aamir Khan Loves The Rich Content Of Marathi Movies! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Aamir Khan is absolutely unconventional in more ways than one.  He is known for seeking excellence through his films. The conviction in the subject matter he shows interest in, and above all the way he rules the industr,y in spite of taking risk, is incredible. We met Aamir Khan ahead of the release of his much talked about action adventure Thugs Of Hindostan where he discussed a range of topics.

Mr Perfectionist was his usual relaxed and charming self as he sat down for a candid chat at his Bandra residence on a balmy Sunday evening. The 53-year-old 's creative genius is well documented so it is a no-brainer that he always hunts for something creative, something experimental and really hatke. He as an avid reader and is always hungry for something really path breaking. Aamir in our interaction with him admitted that he is a huge fan of Marathi films and theater.  And there's one forthcoming film he is keen to watch. From 'Learning' To Smoke In Front Of Big B To The Size Of SRK's 'Starry' Wardrobe: Aamir Khan Discusses Everything In This Candid Chat!

Aamir Khan, Subodh Bhave (photo credits: File image)

"I am a huge fan of Marathi films for the rich content and the way the makers treat their subjects. Now I am looking forward to watch Kashinath Ghanekar. He is regarded as one of the Pioneers of excellence in theater performance. "Kashinath ghanekar far mothe naav aahe marathi theater madhle... Me nakki ha picture baghnaar karan mala marathi pictures chi treatment aani subjects chi faar aadar aahe.. Ha movie me zaroor baghnaar. (I surely am going to watch this one)," said Aamir.

Abhijeet Shirish Deshanpade's  directorial debut 'Ani... Dr Kashinath Ghanekar' is based on the life of the legendary stage and film actor who was also considered as the first superstar of Marathi theatre. The film is all set to release on November 8. It stars Subodh Bhave Suhas Palshikar, Anand Ingle, Mohan Joshi, Sonali Kulkarni, Prasad Oak and Sumeet Raghvan.