Alia Bhatt’s Mother Soni Razdan Joins #MeToo Movement, Says She Was Almost Raped
Soni Razdan Shares Her #MeToo Experience (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

#MeToo movent is gaining momentum with every passing day with many women from the world of entertainment and especially from Bollywood are coming forward to share their horrific accounts. Alok Nath's name cropped up when Vinta Nanda accused the 'sanskari' actor of sexual harassment. Post this occurrence many from Bollywood stood by Nanda. Alok Nath's other issues such as alcohol abuse and how he would often turn into a lecherous person after drinking also came to fore. #MeToo in Bollywood: Sajid Khan Said 'If I Don’t Get a Hard-on Looking at You, How Will My Audience?'Tells Priyanka Bose.

Actor Renuka Shahane who worked with Alok Nath in Hum Aapke Hain Koun also thanked her stars that she never had an outdoor schedule with the man. And now even Alia Bhatt's mother Soni Razdan supports Nanda's view. In her interview with Quint Razdan slammed Nath. She also maintained that Alok Nath would turn into a different person and become lecherous after drinking. He would not do these things otherwise when he was sober.

She also shared her #MeToo story and stated how someone tried sexually abuse or even rape her and how she escaped the situation. She shared the horrible episode with her friend and left it at that when it happened years ago.  But now she decided to break her silence."Like there was an incident that happened to me when I was on a film shoot and somebody tried to rape me, for example that kind of thing. Luckily they didn’t succeed," she said in her interaction with Quint. #MeToo in Bollywood: Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Nehha Pendse Discusses The Issue In This Exclusive Video!

Razdan further added that she did not want to hurt the man's family. She did not want the family to suffer as the man had small children. "And at that time I said, ok, nothing really happened, I managed to control it but obviously I never spoke to that person again. I did not, not talk about it because of any shame or anything like that. I felt that I would be hurting his family, whom I knew,"

She refused to open her mouth because she knew the family of the accused. Razdan also states quite categorically that back in the time things were different and nobody would dare to take action. Things went unreported because the victims feared that no action will ever be taken against the perpetrators of such crimes.