Charlize Theron Praises Time's Up Movement
Charlize Theron. (Photo Credits: Hollywood Actresses/Facebook)

Los Angeles, November 4: Charlize Theron lauded the Time's Up movement, saying the campaign has stirred up conversation about gender dynamics, which was long overdue. The 43-year-old actor, who is a vocal supporter of #MeToo, said she has noticed the shift in the film industry firsthand. "Since Time's Up, I've been in meetings and on set and there's not a moment that there isn't a conversation happening. We've recognised that it's going to get ugly and now it's about who has the tenacity to see it through.

"We're in pre-production on a film right now and we've worked really hard to make everyone very aware that the industry needs to change," Theron told Elle magazine. Charlize Theron, the ‘Tully’ Actress, is Open to Dating Again.

The "Mad Max: Fury Road" star emphasised on evolving with times and providing greater opportunities, irrespective of gender. "We need to start hiring differently and we need to create opportunities for a gender-neutral set," she added.