Brad Bird is one of the most influential and talented directors in Hollywood. Bird has mainly specialised in animation and has created some of the best animated films of the generation. The reason his films are so compelling is because he has a great sense of creating a dynamic between characters and making them work like a team. Incredibles 2 Teaser Poster: Our Favourite Superhero Family is Tidying up Their Costumes for Round Two.

Whether he is directing The Incredibles or taking Ethan Hunt and team on a mission to exotic places, Bird is great at making his projects feel different. So to celebrate Brad Bird’s 64th birthday, we are taking a look at five of his best films ranked according to IMDb.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (7.4)

A Still from Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Bird singlehandedly was able to revitalize the Mission: Impossible franchise by bringing a great sense of humanity to Ethan Hunt. Filled with great set pieces involving dangling by the side of Burj Khalifa, Ghost Protocol was a great entry in the franchise that turned into a premium spy series. Not to mention, it has Anil Kapoor!

Incredibles 2 (7.6)

A Still from INCREDIBLES 2

14 years in the making, Incredibles 2, while doesn’t live up to the original, still did the impossible and was a compelling sequel. They expanded on the family dynamic and changed the roles which was great for character development of certain characters.

The Iron Giant (8.0)

A Still from The Iron Giant

Talk about an impressive directing debut, The Iron Giant showcased Bird’s skills. A story about a young boy befriending a giant robot couldn’t get any better than this. Starring an impressive voice cast and great animation, The Iron Giant is a cultural landmark that should be watched by anyone. Vin Diesel Birthday Special: 5 Best Performances of the Actor That Aren’t Fast & Furious or xXx!

The Incredibles (8.0)

A Still from The Incredibles

The Incredibles is a better Fantastic Four than any of the Fantastic Four films that have come out yet. Featuring superheroes trying to make a name for themselves again while juggling a family life, The Incredibles was an unique take on the genre that is yet to be surpassed.

Ratatouille (8.0)

A Still from Ratatouille

Brad Bird’s magnum opus, Ratatouille was a heartwarming movie that showcased a man being controlled by a rat and turning out to be the best chef he could be. It was a story about proving your worth and being better than what society expects of you. If you want to watch Pixar and Bird at their best, then Ratatouille is for you.

We hope that Brad Bird continues to make great projects at Pixar because the man is clearly a powerhouse. With this we finish off our list and wish Brad Bird a happy birthday.

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