Britney Spears Makes A Comeback With Her Piece Of Me Tour But Gets Boo'd By The Crowd
Britney Spears returns to performing on stage but gets boo'ed for a small mistake. Picture Courtesy; Instagram

Oops, she goofed up again! Britney Spears, every 90s kid's favourite pop star (either her of Christina Aguilera). So it was a big deal when Britney bounced back from her missing in action status and returned to the stage with her Piece of Me Tour. However, things didn't work out as it should have as the pop star was boo'd on stage for her boo boo.

The pop star, who is currently touring across the United Kingdom, used the wrong name of the city to greet the crowd and was boo'd in return. While performing at Blackpool, she addressed the crowd by saying, "How you feeling Birmingham?" Of course, she realised her mistake and was quick to rectify it by saying, "I mean Blackpool." But the fans won't have any of it.

They continued to boo her quite a lot even after the moment passed. The crowd boo'd her and trollers soon took the goof-up to the next level on scoial media. The crowd was not even impressed by her performance that night so clearly, neither Britney or her fans were happy that night. Check out the video of the night that went bad for Britney, attached below.

While Britney is loved by all, she has had quite a rough run in her life. She has often been the best prey to trollers on social media for anything and everything she has done. The Princess of Pop may not have it together but she is still one of the best popstars to have found fame and acclaim.