Chris Evans Proves That Chivalry Isn't Dead By Helping Regina King With Her Gown At The Oscars 2019! [Watch Video]
Chris Evans and Regina King at the Oscars 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Chris Evans has got all the ladies swooning at the Academy Awards for being himself! Well, actually, for being his chivalrous self and helping Regina King! The first Academy Awards trophy honoured the Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The award was presented to Regina King, who definitely deserved it. But just before she went up on the stage to receive it, something marvellous happened.

As King stood up to go and collect her first Oscar trophy, her heel got tangled in her dress which made her pause momentarily so she could regain her composure. Evans immediately rushed to her side and graciously offered his arm to help her. He ensured that Regina King climbed the stairs without any hassle. Now we don't know about you but that scene got to us. Evans, who plays Captain America for Marvel films, surely continued to portray the chivalrous superhero offscreen! Check out the video below.

Chris Evans has been quite the star of the Oscars this year right from his red carpet appearance. Donning a suave blue velvet jacket to complete his black and white ensemble, Evans first got us swooning. And then he helped out Regina King by escorting her to the stage. Later when he was on the stage with Jennifer Lopez, he made us wonder how brilliant they would look if they came together for a project. Wow, we're clearly falling hard for him. Not to mention how he squeaked in joy before announcing that the Marvel film, Black Panther, won the category for which he was presenting.