Narcos in Mexico, Netflix Makes Fans Go Berserk With This Masterstroke!
Building The Empire Again! Narcos: Mexico (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Calm down, bitches! The cartel moves to the colourful and the fun landscape of Mexico. Netflix wastes no time in announcing this news, and fans at LatestLY start clapping frantically. We also witness an ardent devotee or two shedding tears as this brand new season promises to be packed with thrills, excitement and relentless entertainment! The cocaine trade is going get deliciously dangerous as the Cali cartel had announced in the last season that they were leaving 'the dirty business of powder' to pursue legal business ventures instead.

The last outing witnessed a jaded Javier Peña resigning from the DEA.  Pablo Escobar too rests in peace. So these incidents have opened up a whole new world of possibilities and probabilities. Fans are expecting more gun totting now, along with some really fiery verbal encounters. The Guadalajara cartel is in charge of the whole scene with new elements are expected to trickle in!


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New country. New cartel. New empire.  Narcos: Mexico premieres November 16 on Netflix.

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The Netflix show was embroiled in a controversy when location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal who went for location hunting was shot dead. But makers have decided to stick to the original plan and kick off the new season with much conviction of courage!

The new age Mexican drug trade and the mafioso grandeur will be seen scouting for new operations to spread the network. There will be sagas embellished by betrayals and bloodshed in plenty in this season, since the peddlers and their counterparts from Federals will join hands to take on anything that goes against the system.