#5YearsOfYHM: Take A Look At The Cast Of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Then And Now!
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Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein may have become a run of the mill kinda show now, but back in 2013 when it started, it was one of the most loved shows on television. Starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel in the lead roles, the show was sort of a comeback for the duo. Based on Manju Kapoor's famous book Custody, the show opened to a huge response on this very day in 2013. And on the occasion, let us take a look at the main star cast then and now. Happy Birthday Karan Patel: 5 Times The Television Superstar's Pictures Resembled Shah Rukh Khan's!

Karan Patel as Raman Kumar Bhalla

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He plays television's typical angry young man, who first marries and then falls in love with his wife Ishita. The duo has separated multiple times, only to find their way back to each other.

Divyanka Tripathi as Ishita Raman Bhalla

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Ishita sacrificed her marriage dreams so as to become a mother to Ruhi. In the process, she mended countless fractured family relations and in true bahu style, has always faced harms before they reached her family.

Anita Hassanandani as Shagun

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Shagun reinvented the trope of a 'sexy vamps' with a very different look and feel. She also showcased that there is a chance for redemption for all the baddies out there.

Aly Goni as Romi Bhalla

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The brother who could not be tamed, the laadla sone of a Punjabi mother and the classic playboy, Romi was it all, until he fell in love and settled down.

Ruhanika Dhawan as Ruhi Bhalla

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The perfect 'doll' of a daughter, Ruhi was the perfect child. And now seen as Pihu in the show, actress Ruhanika Dhawan continues to win hearts.

Mihika Verma as Mihika Iyer

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Mihika was the chirpy South Indian sister of Ishita, who braved all odds for her family and her self-respect.

Raj Singh Arora as Mihir

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Mihir was the resilient best friend and brother from another mother to Raman, who always stood by the latter. And despite facing some life-changing problems in his personal life, he continued to be a rock-solid support to Raman in all times of need.

Shireen Mirza as Simmi

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Five years have gone by and the show still has its loyal audience. Also, a lot of characters have come and gone, but the core cast remains the same and so does the nostalgia that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein creates.