It's time for everyone to decide who will go the kaalkothri. They all decide that Surbhi, Romil and Sreesanth will go to the jail. Shivashish as a captain gets an advantage to save someone from going to the prison, and he saves Romil and decides to send Dipika. 

Surbhi is talking to herself and in turn mocking everyone, who is against her. Everybody is laughing looking at her, but she is talking non-stop. Dipika tells Shivashish that what kind of a wild card contestant the makers have sent in and asks if they didn't get anyone else. Shivashish tells her that this was the whole point of her coming on the show. 

Saba is supporting Surbhi and tells Jasleen that she should have raised this point when she saw it happened and not after a week just because she needs a point to send Surbhi to the kaalkothri. 

Next morning contestants wake up to the song, Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai. Anup and Jasleen tell Deepak and Romil that they think Surbhi smoked inside the house. Deepak asks him if he saw it, Jasleen then adds that she got a smell of cigarette once and she told her not to smoke inside and instead Surbhi told her to keep quiet. Surbhi, on the other hand, swore on her mom that she didn't do this, and she starts shouting her lungs out and abuses everyone as they believe Sreesanth and not her. 

Sreesanth tells Dipika, Jasleen Matharu, Anup Jalota and Shivashish that when they discuss who will go to the kaalkothri, he will pick Surbhi Rana's name as she has been smoking inside the house, which is against the rule. He tells them he saw the video when he was in the secret room with Anup. Surbhi is talking to Deepak and she tells him that this is a false allegation against her and that she will teach Sreesanth a lesson. 

After guessing the next two secrets right, Shivashish becomes the new captain of the house. 

The captaincy task continues, and the next secret is that this person fell in love with a girl, but she turned out to be a boy and that happened quite a few times. Everyone starts laughing. Shivashish presses the buzzer first and takes Romil's name and it's a right answer. 

It's Friday, which means it's the day before the contestants of Bigg Boss 12 meet host Salman Khan. Last night's episode of Bigg Boss 12 was the only entertaining episode so far this season, thanks to the captaincy task, in which Shivashish Mishra and Deepak Thakur are competing with each other at the cost of the secrets of the other housemates. The two have to guess the name whenever the secret is displayed on the TV screen in the living are. The one who gets most of the names right, wins. We can't wait to see who will become the next captain of the house. Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Caught Smoking Inside The House By Sreesanth And What Happens Next Will Shock You - Watch Video.

Of course, three contestants will also go to the kaalkothri and like every week, this discussion will cause a chaos inside the house. Catch all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 on this page.