Bigg Boss 12: Exclusive! Nehha Pendse Betrays Fans By Demanding More Money To Come Back?
This is why Nehha has not yet made a comeback on Bigg Boss 12

When Nehha Pendse was eliminated from Bigg Boss 12 a few weeks back, many couldn't digest it. You see, Nehha, during her three week stint on the high voltage reality show managed to earn quite a fan following with her clean and graceful behaviour, something which we usually don't see on a show like Bigg Boss. No wonder when she got out of the house, her legion of fans started a campaign on Twitter with #BringNehhaBack thereby urging the makers of Bigg Boss 12 to bring her back on the show. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us soon after her eviction, Nehha said she wanted to re-enter the house and prove to the world that people with goodness can go a long way on the show.

We, along with her many fans were totally rooting for her return on Bigg Boss 12. The massive campaign was a success as we revealed to you that Nehha has got a call from the casting team and that she is in talks to make a wild card entry on the show. It's been almost two weeks since we carried the story about Nehha's return and there are no signs of her on the show till now.

Well, we have got some bad news. A very reliable source has now revealed to us that Nehha's return on Bigg Boss 12 is highly unlikely now. Reason? Money. The same source has informed us EXCLUSIVELY that Nehha demanded a heavy raise to go back inside the Bigg Boss house, and the showrunners were not ready for that. #MeToo in Bollywood: Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Nehha Pendse Discusses The Issue In This Exclusive Video!

"Nehha was almost ready to go back to the Bigg Boss house, but she got an offer from a jewelry brand to shoot a print campaign for them. The brand wanted to capitalise on Nehha's massive popularity that she earned during her short stay inside the Bigg Boss house. So they were ready to pay her an exorbitant amount. Plus, they wanted Nehha to be available for the photo-shoot around the same time her re-entry was planned on Bigg Boss 12 because they wanted the campaign to be out during Diwali," says the source. Bigg Boss 12: Revealed! The Reason Why Nehha Pendse Was Eliminated From Salman Khan's Show.

Obviously, Nehha had a tough choice between money and living up to the hopes of her many fans. The source further reveals that Nehha decided to let the makers of Bigg Boss 12 know about this offer and asked them to pay her more money than what the jewelry brand was offering if they want her back on the show. "The amount that Nehha quoted to the team of Bigg Boss 12 was way too high, according to them, and hence they decided to scrap the plan of her comeback completely," adds the source further.

So as of now Nehha's comeback on Bigg Boss 12 stands cancelled. This is quite sad! Fans who fought to get Nehha back on BB12 must be surely disappointed.