Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Does The Unbelievable After Seeing His Wife's Video Message
Sreesanth is all charged up on Bigg Boss 12

Sreesanth, one of the celebrity contestants on Bigg Boss 12 is a very emotional man. We have seen that right from his first day inside the Bigg Boss house. He loses his temper quickly and hence he has threatened to leave the show more than four times in four weeks. However, Sreesanth's behaviour has gone through a change, thanks to the video message from his wife, Bhuwaneshwari Sreesanth, who had some golden words to say to her man. She told him that he should not be so emotional and that his threats to leave the house are not looking good on TV. Of course, Sreesanth, who saw her couldn't hold back his tears.

Now, Sreesanth is all charged up and is seeing planning and plotting inside the house. Yes, can you believe it? Sreesanth, who was playing at the backfoot all this while, is now taking charge in the tasks. In the latest promo that is dropped by the makers, in tonight’s episode, we will see a task wherein the singles and jodis have been divided into two groups of cops and thieves. And like any other task, this one too will have a direct impact on the nominations and the captaincy. Sreesanth is seen being the mastermind and his team members are taking him seriously. Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota Watches Secretly As Surbhi Rana Call Him Double Dholki – Video.

Check out the video right here:


Sreesanth is keen to become the new captain of the house. Which means he now wants to stay inside the house as the captain gets an immunity in the nominations. Will he be able to achieve this feat? All we can do is just wait and watch.