Khalid Siddiqui on Mariam Khan Ending: 'It’s Sad That The Show Is Going Off-Air'
Khalid Siddiqui (Photo Credits: Agency)

Actor Khalid Siddiqui, who plays the role of Majaaz Khan in Star Plus' Mariam Khan - Reporting Live, says he will miss the show once it ends. However, the actor is satisfied with the performance of the show and is happy that people loved it. “It’s quite sad that the show is going off air but at the same time, it ran for 9 months. We had a lovely team and we had a lot of fun on the sets. So, the overall journey was amazing and beautiful. My producers and directors, cast and the whole team were amazing. We enjoyed most of the time,” he says. Mariam Khan - Reporting LIVE First Episode Written Update & Review: Deshna Dugad Walks in Like a Breath of Fresh Air With a World of a Dyslexic Child We would Love to Behold

Talking about his character, he says, “My character of Majaaz Khan was quite appreciated. Since I played an idealistic man, people loved the character. and the way I portrayed it, was quite appreciated. I think it’s good to be appreciated. My son used to watch the show regularly. He is my biggest critic. When he said that I acted well and I was doing a good job, that became the best compliment for me.” Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj to Finally Get Married in January 2019!

The actor is on the lookout for interesting parts now. “Till now I was working in my comfort zone and this show was a part of it too. I am thinking of working out of my comfort zone now. I have played a good, responsible, idealistic and honest person. These shades have always been played by me. So, I am looking out to work on some new shade,” he says.

Khalid is also a model and says that managing both acting and modelling is not challenging for him. “Earlier, there were categories like film actors, tv actors, models. But now everything and everyone has merged. There is no specialization and bifurcation. Actors are modelling, and they are doing TV too and TV people are doing films. I was always into advertising. I actually do one Tv show, 8-9 commercials and 1 film in a year. Everything gets pretty balanced,” he says.

In fact, modelling has always worked for the actor. “I was called laddoo face and Prahlad Kakkar gave me this name, which was Indian term for a Chocolate boy,” he says.

Mariam Khan took a time leap and the makers introduced well-known faces Param Singh and Mahima Makwana as the leap pair. However, while the show did receive acclaim, it was unable to fetch the required numbers and will reportedly end of January 11.