Actor Sanjay Gagnani, who had recently tested positive for COVID-19, has now tested negative for the novel Coronavirus in the third round of tests. Sanjay became a household name with his portrayal of the negative lead Prithvi in Zee TV's Kundali Bhagya. The actor, who had tested a few weeks back, was placed under home quarantine when he had tested positive and was also put on an essential diet. Kundali Bhagya Actor Sanjay Gagnani Tests Positive For COVID-19, Show's Shoot Halted.

Talking about it, Sanjay says, "I have finally tested negative after 20 days and 3 tests. I handled the entire period with a lot of patience and kept calm throughout. According to the symptoms I had, it was a mild COVID. The first three days were difficult because of symptoms but I started recovering from the fourth day and since then it has been more of a mental battle," shares the actor. Shweta Tiwari Tests Positive for COVID-19, Home Quarantined With Daughter Palak Tiwari.

"Getting locked up in a room for 20 days without a human/pets touch and contact was really stressful for me. I felt very stressed and lonely at times but I kept calm and assured myself that it was a temporary phase. This too shall pass. After darkness, there will be light. I tested positive thrice and that sprinkled salt on the burn. But thankfully, I have finally tested negative and can hug and live my life with my beautiful family and pets," he revealed.

After dealing so closely with the pandemic, Sanjay has a few suggestions for his fans. "From my experience, I would just request every one to take extra efforts in order to keep away from COVID and build strong immunity.

Maintaining social distancing, Wearing a mask, using sanitiser, washing hands, maintaining hygiene, sipping warm water often, taking steam twice a day, gargling with warm water with salt, taking multivitamins as prescribed by your doctor, having kadha, fruits, veggies and foods that build immunity and act as a shield to bacterias and viruses," he says.

"The most important tip is, isolate yourself immediately without waiting for the testing result as soon as you develop a symptom and do not panic but stay calm and fight it back with patience if you test COVID positive," concludes the actor.

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