Loki is yet to reveal who is behind the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and it looks like we will be definitely getting an answer tomorrow when its finale premieres. In the first four episodes, Loki kept the viewers in the dark about the Timekeepers, which led to the speculation that they aren’t real at all. That speculation was paid off by the end of episode four when Sylvie decapitates one of the Timekeepers revealing them to be androids. This then led to further speculation about who is actually running the TVA. Loki: Tom Hiddleston Feels the Disney+ Series Takes His Marvel Character to Another Level.

Episode five dropped hints throughout that it may be Kang the Conqueror who is behind the TVA. While those theories do have some weight to it, we would not like to rule out other options as well. While Kang does seem like the popular opinion among people, maybe the real villain is someone we have known all along.

No. Not Mobius. Please give him his jet-ski!

There is a high possibility that another Loki Variant can also be behind the creation of the TVA. Loki: Is Kang the Conqueror the Big Baddie Behind TVA’s Existence? Explaining The Fan Theory That’s Going Viral! (SPOILER ALERT).

First, let's talk about why Kang can't be the main villain of the series (though we are not against the possibility of Loki teasing his presence more than in an Easter Egg).

Let's remind you that Kang the Conqueror is a very popular supervillain in Marvel Comics, and is already touted to replace Thanos as the next Big Baddie in Phase 4. Dropping him in a series, that too in the last episode, without any context given, would do very little justice to this character, even if Marvel has reportedly cast the talented Jonathan Majors in the role. For non-Marvel comics fans, introducing Kang would just open another can of worms because now they would have to learn who Kang is as well.

If it turns out to be another Loki variant though, it would work because it would fit right within the show’s theme of introducing Lokis. After all who does want to see the God of Mischief take on himself, that’s what the entire show has felt like up till now. As the Loki brawl in episode 5 showed, he is truly his own nemesis, so why even need another one?

A Loki Variant being behind the TVA would also explain why the void where the pruned individuals are sent to has so many Lokis in it. Maybe there is a higher Loki power that wants to be the best Loki of all and wants to destroy all the other Variants. If that’s the case then it would make perfect sense because of just how narcissistic a Loki actually is.

Also remember the scene in episode 5 when the Classic Loki (Richard E Grant) builds a grand illusion of Asgard, making our hero Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to comment that Loki's seem to be more powerful than they realise. What if a Loki variant realised his or her or its power, was annoyed that the multiverse could make more Loki's like him and end up building the TVA to prune out the needless ones? Worth a thought!

It would even make sense considering how TVA has such a grasp over the timeline and is one of the strongest groups in the MCU. Loki ruling over it would just fit perfectly in his agenda as Loki has wanted to rule over everything. For all the matter, it could even be Kid Loki! After all he did kill Thor!

But if the series does pull off this twist, have to say that DC did this first. In The Flash season 3, Barry Allen had to fight a mysterious speedster called Savitar, who is later revealed to be Barry himself but from the future - a Time Remnant created during his time travelling excursions.

Whatever the answer may be, we will get all our questions answered when Loki’s finale drops on July 14, 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar at 12:30 pm. (with inputs from Sreeju Sudhakaran)

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